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How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Consumer Review Responses

How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Responding to every customer review with courtesy and professionalism is a great way to build your brand, connect with your customers and attract new business to your company. By following these tips below you’ll get a lot of benefits out of these reviews and may even turn some unhappy customers into longtime fans.

Below are some tips to help you respond appropriately to both positive and negative reviews.

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

A lot of business operators do not respond to negative reviews of their businesses. They either don’t take these reviews seriously in the first place, or they simply don’t know how to respond without making things worse. This is understandable, but as the owner or manager it is your responsibility to respond to your customers in an appropriate way. Here are tips for responding when someone leaves a harsh review of your product or service.

Report Reviews that Violate Terms Of Service

Responde to Negative and positve reviewsReview sites do not allow profanity, abusive speech, false information or conflicts of interest, such as promoting your competitors. So if the reviewer has broken the rules, just flag that review and move on. Chances are that it’ll be removed, assuming it contains a violation. Do not report negative reviews that do not break the rules, though. Doing so will likely get you kicked off instead of them.

Fix The Problem and Correct The Issue

Many negative reviews are actually truthful and honest. Sometimes your staff will make mistakes or offer poor service. It’s almost always better to give the customer the benefit of the doubt and try to make it up to them. You should ask them to contact you through your web site or come back in and ask for you in person so that you can make things right. Maybe offer them a free or discounted product or service for giving you another chance.

Respond with Professional Politeness

A lot of people were raised with the idea that if you can’t say anything nice, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. That’s probably a good rule to follow in general, but as a business owner you need to respond. Just be sure to remain calm and respond in a professional manner. Blowing your top might make you feel better for a moment, but it will just make you look bad and will cause potential customers to take their business elsewhere.

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How to Respond to Positive Reviews

Negative reviews tend to get all the attention, but positive reviews also deserve a response. Here are a few tips to use these positive reviews to boost your business.

Thank Them for Their Time

Thank the reviewer for being a valued customer and for taking the time to offer their feedback. These reviewers took time out of their busy day to post a review to help your business. You might also ask them to ask for you next time they come in so that you can thank them in person. Responding in this way establishes a relationship and is a great way to gain lifelong customers.

Build Your Brand Reputation

Always remember that reviews are like a type of social media. They offer you a chance to not only get some feedback but to also connect with your customers. Being friendly, professional and appreciative goes a long way to serving your current customers, but it also makes potential customers feel good about giving your company a chance to meet their needs. Many people browsing reviews will see your good attitude and will likely come in based on that.

Show Your Appreciation

After thanking them for their business and asking them to connect with you the next time they come into your establishment, you might even surprise them with a discount or a free item too. After all, why should the haters be the only ones to get all the free stuff? Love the lovers too!